kas ir seo

kas ir seo

kas ir seo

Aigars - pēdējie 5 raksti

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Autors: Aigars (210 Raksti)

Mans lauciņš ir affiliate mārketings/partermārketings. No tā izriet, ka labi orientējos dažādos interneta mārketinga jautājumos.

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  1. Jessie saka:

    Hi Ana,You're right, importing a car probably won't save much if any money. That's not even taking the hassle into account!But I'm not looking to import the car to save money, I'm doing because I want to keep the car and I can't continue to store it in the US.Whether it's &qb;touetter" to import a car or buy one here depends on the person's situation and reasoning. I'm not thrilled about buying my TT again, but I'm less thrilled about selling it, so Catch 22, unfortunately :(~ Sage

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